IFA-W50LA 4x4 army truck production GDR

IFA-W50L truck, manufactured for over 25 years and made in the amount of 571,800 copies, became a legend of the automotive industry of the GDR. This machine is widely used not only in East Germany, but also in all countries of the former socialist camp, as well as in the countries of Asia, Africa and South America. The Soviet Union is one of the main buyers of cars of this model. Advantageously, the USSR supplied dump. During the period from 1966 to 1984. in our country has received 50 000 trucks of this model. In 1962 he appeared prototype W45 cab over the engine, which was the basis for mass-produced cars. Mass production of IFA-W50L began in 1965 in the automobile factory in Ludwigsfelde. The car was equipped with a lifting capacity of 5.3 tons of the 4-cylinder diesel engine with 110 hp (Later 125 hp) and a maximum speed of 83 km / h.