Louhi-Kestenga, Karelian Front, WWII

In August 1941, 23 Guards Rifle Division was fighting in the area of Louhi-Kestenga Karelian Front and thwart the plans of a breakthrough to the Kirov railroad.

The road A-136 begins in the village Louhi at the intersection of federal highways M-18/R21, passes through the towns: Pine, Kestenga Sofporog, Pjaozersky and ends at the international border crossing point Suoperä on the border with Finland. Length - 170 km.

Monument of the Finnish soldiers killed and remained on the battlefield in Kestengi district in 1941-1944.

The 6th SS Mountain Division Nord was a German unit of the Waffen-SS of Nazi Germany during World War II, formed in February 1941 as SS Kampfgruppe Nord (SS Battle Group North). The division was later attached to the Finnish III Corps operating in the Kiestinki area. Throughout 1942 - 1943 he was on the front Kestenga.