Karelia Kinerma

Kinerma is a rural locality in Pryazhinsky District of the Republic of Karelia, Russia. In 2016 Kinerma was included in The Most Beautiful Villages in Russia.

Boulevard Chave in Marseille France

Boulevard Chave is a major boulevard in Marseille. Built in 1842 and named in honor of landowner André Chave, it has had a tramline since 1892.​

Kaluga region, Gnezdilovskaya height

Kaluga region, Spas-Demensky District. The memorial complex "Gnezdilovskaya height".

Kaluga region, Spas-Demensky District. The memorial complex "Gnezdilovskaya height" is located in a forest, 3 kilometers from the village. Gnezdilova and 12 kilometers from. Pavlinova. Gnezdilovskaya height marked on the map 233.3 played a special role in the defense of the Germans. She dominated the surrounding terrain. With its altitude of 8-10 km viewed and leaning on her opponent held dvadtsatikilometrovaya line of defense, covering the approaches to the railway line. At this height were dug trenches a lot of lines in height, and between them in a staggered manner arranged cells for submachine and machine gunners. Trenches connected communication trenches and access to the rear in the direction of the railway station Pavlinova.