Peru, Valley pyramids Tucume

South America, Peru. Valley pyramids Tucume – the ancient religious center of the pre-Inca South American Indian tribes. These pyramids are called “Huaca”, the largest of them – the Huaca Larga (“Long Pyramid”), the length of which is 700m. at 280m width. and a height of 30m. They are all built of mud clay bricks.

Valley of the Pyramids in Tukume is located 33 km north of Chiclayo. In the valley there are 26 adobe pyramids, which are grouped around the hill of El Purgatorio, also known as Cerro Raya.

Because of the heavy rains the clay pyramid continues to deteriorate. As a result of archeological excavations at Huaca Larga was found 119 bodies of the remains, which suggests that the body was part of a mass human sacrifice to the gods.